MEDIA: State of relations between the police and communities of color

L. Joy appeared on PBS Newshour to discuss the relationship between law enforcement and communities of color.

We know that communities of color are overpoliced. We know that men of color are overarrested, overcharged. We know all of these things to be true.

And so it’s going to take a long road and a lot of policy changes and a lot of mind-set changes. And that’s really the hard work, is changing people’s mind-set. And I have no doubt that the majority of officers who are going to their job every day — they have a commitment to the community, to the city, to their job, and to their uniform, and they want to go and do the best job and make it home safely to their families.

I have no doubt that that is the truth. However, these small biases, these small prejudices, the things that people believe, actually has an impact on how they serve the community.

And so what we’re saying is that we want the police department to be able to police all communities, including communities of color, with the same level of respect, with the same even hand that they do every — other communities. And that’s not anti-police.

Watch the full discussion on PBS Newshour

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