L. Joy is a dynamic speaker, an engaging trainer, expert moderator and stands out on panel discussions.

Speaking publicly for well over 15 years, L. Joy has been featured at conferences, panel discussions and on mainstream television and radio outlets across the country.

She has professional expertise in a wide range of issues including electoral politics, government administration, social justice and civic engagement. Former clients have specifically sought her services as a speaker on a wide range of topics.

As a moderator, L. Joy has a firm hand and works diligently to ensure that the discussion meets the organizer’s goals, the panelists receive equal speaking time and it is both enjoyable and informative for the target audience.


In addition to her entrepreneurial and leadership positions, L. Joy is an experienced facilitator who has designed and conducted trainings and workshops for elected officials, aspiring political candidates, government staff, community groups and non-profit organizations. Among her most sought-after training topics is “Elements of a Strategic District Plan” and “Becoming a More Effective Staffer,” which are designed to help elected officials and their staffs more effectively strategize and engage constituents.


L. Joy also regularly appears on major media outlets such as MSNBC, Sirius XM Radio and PBS News Hour as a political commentator and is often quoted in major publications such as Ebony Magazine, New York Daily News, The Root and Elle Magazine.