Throughout her career, L. Joy has continued to demonstrate a strong talent as a political planner and tactician, both in campaign and government politics. She has served in several high-impact leadership positions on behalf of some of New York’s most well-known elected officials and continues to be a respected and well sought after voice in local, state, and national politics.

Here are a few of the many political campaigns L. Joy has worked on;

  • Field Operations | McCall for Governor (2002)
  • Outreach Coordinator | Democratic Rapid Response Team for the RNC Convention (2004)
  • GOTV Supervisor | Kerry/Edwards (2004) | Milwaukee, WI
  • Campaign Manager | Karim Camara for Assembly (2006)
  • Political Director | Bill Thompson for Mayor (2009)
  • Senior Advisor | Letitia James for Public Advocate (2013)
  • National Vote Director | Higher Heights for America (2014)